Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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Free of charge, fully interactive, live training sessions online.

HelpKidzLearn are hosting a number of webinars to show you the newest products in assistive technology. Register to either watch the webinar live, or you can choose to view them in your own time.

The iPad's touchscreen interface was designed to be accessed and used easily. However some users with physical disabilities struggle with the requirements of multi-finger tapping, swiped and other gestures. This in-depth session will take a look at facilities already built into the iPad which aid users with physical disabilities. These include assisted touch and switch access, the webinar will show you how to set them up and also what accessories, such as switch interfaces and styli, they can be used with.

ChooseIt! Maker 3 is the multi-award winning software resource for creating choice based activities on the computer, iPad or Android tablets. The session will entail using ChooseIt! Maker 3 to create personalised learning materials that will work with the eye gaze technology on the PC. Whether you are using a MyGaze, Tobii Communication device, PCEye Go, PCEye Explore or any other eye gaze system that can perform mouse emulation, this detailed session will show you how to create personalised resources from basic cause and effect through to simple choice making activities.

A large number of learners with SEN struggle with handwriting and producing correctly spelled, grammatically accurate written work, technology can provide the aid they need. This session with look at what tablets and computers can offer struggling learners, looking at supports such as text to speech, word prediction, word banks and speech to text and how they can make recording and accessing text easier.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in popularity for the electronic book. This has opened up a new opportunity for those who struggle with accessing printed text. Computers and tablets can provide a wide range of supports to make these books more accessible for those with special needs. This session will show you how to obtain or create electronic texts and how supports, such as text to speech and text leveling, can provide access.

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