Monday 16 February 2015

Numeracy, Literacy & Science iPad Apps from HelpKidzLearn

ChooseIt! iPad Apps based on the BETT Award winning ChooseIt! Ready-made Series
from Inclusive Technology. Available to download from the Apple App Store.

ChooseIt! Numeracy
ChooseIt! Numeracy contains over 230 activities with over 6,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities.

• Foundation Stage: Shape, Space & Measure
• Key Stage 1: Shape, Space & Measure
• Early Number
• Number 0-5
• Number 5-10
• Number 0-100
• Money
• Time

A teacher's dream!!!
"Wow - they are brilliant for all ages and abilities and we use them throughout our 3-19 age range. Set out in a clear chronological way, they are simple to use and my pupils love the multiple choice activities and music reward at the end. What more can I say? After all these years in the job these are a teacher's dream!!!".

Download from App Store: Click here
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ChooseIt! Literacy
ChooseIt! Literacy contains over 250 activities with over 5,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities.

• Listening Skills
• Initial Sounds
• Initial Letters
• Initial Blends: Sounds
• Initial Blends: Letters
• Tricky High Frequency Words
• Alphabet
• Everyday Words

Fun, bright and motivating
"ChooseIt! Ready-mades are a fun, bright, motivating learning tool that are easy to use and suitable for all ages. A real time saver - all the activities you plan on making but never get round to doing - a must for all busy classrooms. These are a fantastic way of introducing children to essential literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare them for work in Key Stage 1".

Download from App Store: Click here
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ChooseIt! Science
ChooseIt! Science contains over 160 activities with over 3,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities.

• Foundation Stage: Living Things
• Key Stage 1: Living Things
• Materials
• Forces and Electricity
• Light, Sound and Space

More independence
"Huan has enjoyed more independence by using his computer skills to access Numeracy, Literacy and Science activities, which have reinforced his learning with colour, shape (2D and 3D) everyday objects in school and in the home, the environment and some of the class topics".

Download from App Store: Click here
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Thursday 12 February 2015

Award Finalist 2015 - Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations

In January this year Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations, the new affordable eye gaze bundle from Inclusive Technology was shortlisted as a finalist for the UK BETT Awards for Special Educational Needs solutions specifically for: "Products that make a distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs."

We are pleased to tell you that Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations has been selected as a finalist for the UK Education Resources Awards for Special Educational Needs including ICT.

What is Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations?
Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations has been designed to be affordable, simple and intuitive to use for teaching staff and students and an appropriate starting point for anyone trying their first steps with eye gaze. Foundations offers a unique assessment tool, looking at early visual, learning and access skills, with simple but powerful recording and analysis options. It provides a range of activities that offer customisation and a progression of skills from experiential/cause and effect to targeting, ensuring early success and effective teaching whilst gathering data for teachers' analysis of student's performance, preferences and progression.

Monday 9 February 2015

New iPad and Android App: Five Trains

Five Trains App -

A popular counting song which reinforces early number skills. Count down from five to zero as the trains chug along the track to the catchy tune. There are also two counting activities to reinforce counting up from zero to five. The uncluttered images are simple and bright and are ideal for children with special needs who may find visual discrimination difficult.

Switch access for one or two switches is included. Switches can be connected via a Bluetooth switch interface.

Key features
Simple counting song plus two counting activities to reinforce sequencing numbers from zero to five.
Clear presentation with no visual clutter.
Switch access options included (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces).

Five Trains App -

Monday 2 February 2015

NEW Activity: Five Trains

Five Trains -

How many trains are on the track? Learn the numbers zero to five with the five trains learning activity and this catchy song.

Listen to the song or play activities that help reinforce counting down from five to zero. Click a mouse, touch the screen, use eye gaze or press a switch (spacebar) to play the song or count along a number line.

Access Options:
• Mouse
• Keyboard
• Touch screen
• Switch access
• Eye gaze
• Joystick
• Rollerball
• Interactive classroom display

Take a look: