Monday 26 May 2014

Activity Update

At HelpKidzLearn we strive to ensure that all of our Games & Activities are being constantly improved, updated and new content is added regularly. You will be pleased to hear that we have updated two of our original activities to include new features and access options including eye gaze.

Not already a member of HelpKidzLearn? Why not subscribe today for full access to our Games and Activities and bring the benefits of fun, accessible learning to your students!

You can also play Five Sharks Swimming and Five Little Fire Figthers with myGaze®, a state of the art access device that tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control!

Works with nearly all mouse controlled software.
Works with different eye colours.
Light, small & portable.
Use across all your Windows devices with 10"- 22" screens.
A product of 20 years of research and development.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

BREAKING NEWS: ChooseIt! Maker 3 wins CODiE Award

ChooseIt! Maker 3 has been named SIIA Education CODiE Award WINNER for Best Solution for Special Needs Students.

"The CODiE Awards are the software industry's equivalent of the movie industry's Oscars and television's Emmys. They are annual awards given by the Software and Information Industry Association for excellence in software development within the software industry."

Judge's Comments:

Judge One:
"This product was the best that I have seen regarding the implementation of 21st century technology incorporated into the application. The use of eye recognition software to give a child with a severe disability the advantage to answer a teacher made question or questions that are generated by the computer itself really put this software and all of it's capabilities to the highest of standards.
The overall interface of the application and the combination of the software development to create an enriched experience for the student sets this software/application above the rest."

Judge Two:
"ChooseIt! Maker3 online is a computer assisted instruction tool that allows parents, teachers and support staff to generate choice-making activities, games and quizzes for students who are: very young; fall in the ESL category; or, have physical impairments, learning challenges. ChooseIt! can be used to create across the curriculum resources for special needs students based on student need. Step by Step Wizard guides teachers/parents through the development process. The online program is intuitive and very easy to navigate through. "

Personalised Learning:

ChooseIt! Maker 3 allows teachers to create, edit and play personalised learning materials and choice making activities securely online. Use in your classroom and with individual students and download to your iPad or Android tablet!

Learn more about ChooseIt! Maker 3 and how you can bring the benefits of personalised learning to your students!

Monday 12 May 2014

Huge District Discounts. Save up to 33%

Since May 2013, 192 countries and territories around the world have taken to HelpKidzLearn to help assist their children and students with various special educational needs and learning difficulties.

Many of our members include entire US School Districts and UK Local Authorities using HelpKidzLearn as a tool for, and to evaluate their pupils, students or patients in schools and special facilities. To date, 119 School Districts have subscribed to HelpKidzLearn and ChooseIt! Maker 3 to use within each of their schools across the length and breadth of their district.

At HelpKidzLearn we are fully aware of the need for such a resource, so we are offering entire School Districts and Local Authorities the ability to purchase multiple School Subscriptions whilst making HUGE SAVINGS!

From today, when you purchase two or more HelpKidzLearn and/or ChooseIt! Maker 3; 1 User, 5 User or Site Subscriptions across your School District you will automatically receive a discount.

Subscriptions bought
2 - 9 = 20% discount
10 or more = 33% discount

Read our latest newsletter: Huge District Discounts. Save up to 33%

Wednesday 7 May 2014

myGaze Eye Tracker

Introducing myGaze® Assistive Gaze Technology by Visual Interaction:
The new affordable eye tracker for a wide range of uses.

Available in multiple countries and currencies.

What can you do with it?
The myGaze® Eye Tracker will follow your eye movements so that you can move the cursor around the screen, select or 'click' on images by looking at them a little longer and drag the cursor around the screen. This means you can play lots of your favourite software games and activities including:

• HelpKidzLearn
• ChooseIt! Maker 3
• Sensory Eye-FX
• Look to Learn
• The Grid 2
• Clicker 6
• Boardmaker Plus + Studio
• And many more!