Monday 12 February 2018

New Accessible Learning Activity - Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian Crossing is a fun cause and effect, sequential story-based activity that gives you a lot to talk about. To help the children to cross the busy road you must have lots of patience to navigate across safely.

Click a mouse, touch the screen, use eye gaze or press a switch (Spacebar) to watch an all too familiar sequence of events.

This new learning activity works with a variety of access devices available from HelpKidzLearn and your local HKL Reseller:

myGaze Assistive is an affordable eye tracker that provides easy access for everyone to a wide range of software. Easy, calibration-free setup ensures a comfortable student experience.

The HKL EasySwitch is a USB Switch interface and two wireless Bluetooth switches. It is easy to use and has no software to install.

Play on your tablet device

Pedestrian Crossing is available to download FREE and play on your iPad or Android device.