Wednesday 27 September 2017

Our ChooseIt! Apps are ready for iOS 11.

Are now ready for iOS 11.

Contains more than 160 activities with over 3,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
Foundation Stage: Living Things,
Key Stage 1: Living Things,
Forces and Electricity and
Light, Sound and Space.

Contains more than 250 activities with over 5,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
Listening Skills,
Initial Sounds,
Initial Letters,
Initial Blends: Sounds,
Initial Blends: Letters,
Tricky High Frequency Words,
Alphabet and
Everyday Words.

Contains more than 230 activities with over 6,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
Foundation Stage: Shape, Space & Measure,
Key Stage 1: Shape, Space & Measure,
Early Number,
Number 0-5,
Number 5-10,
Number 0-100,
UK Money and

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Insight - Get your FREE 2 Weeks Trial today!

Insight is an intelligent, individualised learning system that will help engage, assess and develop your students' visual learning skills.

It has been specifically designed to work with eye tracking technologies so that we can analyse looking behaviours to get a unique insight into students' hidden skills and capabilities.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

New Accessible Game - Cash Machine

A simple cause and effect activity that gives you a lot to talk about. With simple clear graphics, this inclusive activity has been designed to provide a great opportunity for discussion and the development of everyday vocabulary associated with using a Cash Machine ATM.

Click the mouse, touch the screen, use eye gaze or press a switch (or space bar) to watch an all too familiar sequence of events.

If you don't have a subscription to HelpKidzLearn's Games and Activities and want to play Cash Machine ATM click the link below.

HelpKidzLearn also provides computer access devices that work perfectly with our online services.

The HKL EasySwitch is a USB Switch interface and two wireless Bluetooth switches. It is easy to use and has no software to install.

myGaze Assistive is an affordable eye tracker that provides easy access for everyone to a wide range of software. Easy, calibration-free setup ensures a comfortable student experience.

You can also download the Cash Machine ATM App and play it on the go with your iPad or Android device for FREE.