Monday 31 October 2016

Games & Activities - Robot Factory

Games & Activities
Robot Factory

Let's make robots! Choose your parts, glue them on and watch your robot spark into life. Attend to 2 objects on screen, learn to take turns and sequence in this fun activity. Can be used with mouse, touch, 1 or 2 switches plus eye gaze.

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Wednesday 26 October 2016

Halloween Games and Activities

Have fun at Halloween with HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities. Each engaging activity can be accessed using a mouse, touch screen, one or two switches and eye gaze devices.

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Create your own spooky Halloween cards.
Choose the colour of the card and the writing and decorate the card before printing it out. Really easy to use and lots of fun.

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Brew your own magic potion with Aunty Maggie. First choose one of four characters. Choose the ingredients to add to the cauldron by mixing the colours in the jars to create the colour of your monster. Then see what happens when they drink the potion! 

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Play this popular counting song which reinforces early number skills. Count down from five to zero as the witches sing along to the catchy tune. There are also two counting activities to reinforce counting up from zero to five.

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Tuesday 18 October 2016

FREE Halloween Activity for ChooseIt Maker 3

There is something about Halloween which really catches children's imaginations - perhaps it is all the candy and sweets and dressing up!

So we wanted to create an activity that your students can use in the classroom or at home. We hope you like it.

Two ways to play this FREE activity:

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Play Offline

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The HelpKidzLearn Team.

Monday 17 October 2016

Insight - Engaging, Stimulating & Meaningful Learning

Without engagement there is no meaningful learning. This is particularly true for student's with complex learning needs. Students respond to different stimuli according to their individual preferences. What is engaging for some students, may not be engaging for others.
Insight not only provides a standardised assessment framework to enable precise and repeated measurement of skills but also contains a HUGE variety of content to meet individual preferences and learning styles.

Stimuli have been carefully selected and designed to appeal specifically to young children, those with complex learning needs and students with significant visual impairments.

Clear, bold graphics, attention-seeking animations and sound effects in a variety of styles and themes allow students to demonstrate their skills with a range of different stimuli.

Performance scores for different content can also give teachers and therapists a greater insight into what motivates and engages their students.

To maximise performance and keep attention sustained, all activities are deliberately designed to be quick and fun to play - with just the right amount of challenge to encourage development of skills whilst rewarding enough to keep your student wanting more.

Try now for FREE and see if your students prefer bold black and white patterns, noisy vehicles or dancing dinosaurs!

Thursday 13 October 2016

[Insight] Early Vision | Cognition | Communication | Analysis & Analytics

Insight beta Logo
"Imagine gaining a greater insight into your student's core vision and cognition skills"

Insight's 8 Learning Goals are based on four key developmental areas;

The foundation skills of functional vision that are essential for all visual learning.

The first core stages of cognitive development that are essential for all early learning.


The first interactive behaviours.
Essential for use with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

The core access skills that are required for the purposeful use of technology.

Learning Goal Objectives
Insight's Learning Goal objectives can be mapped to well respected and established assessment frameworks commonly used in special education.

Insight Learning Goals are presented in a developmental progression map, starting with basic reactions to stimuli and building up to purposeful and predictive control of the screen.

Each Learning Goal is broken down into small progressive levels of difficulty that enable individual students to learn skills at their own level and pace.

Teachers and therapists are free to choose which Learning Goal, level and type of activity they want their student to play. Alternatively, they can be guided by Insight's Intelligent Recommendations.

Try our first 4 Learning Goals for FREE NOW!

Insight – Intelligent Analysis

“Imagine being able to accurately assess your student’s skills and track their progress”

Insight provides intelligent detailed reports on your student’s performance after each activity play.

Accurate and objective learning goal scores give instant feedback on skill levels.

More detailed analysis provides valuable information on ability levels, specific behaviour measures.

Plus responses to individual stimuli.

Insight will also help interpret scores with Performance Descriptions.

And Notifications when needed.

To guide teachers and therapists’ evaluation, Insight provides intelligent recommendations suggesting appropriate next steps.

With many more reporting features coming soon including;

Overall Performance Tracking – compare skills in different Learning Goals.

Historical Performance Tracking – compare skills over time.

FREE Insight App – get real-time feedback and full reporting on your smart phone or tablet.

Insight: A revolution in assessment for students with complex needs.

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