Thursday, 13 October 2016

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"Imagine gaining a greater insight into your student's core vision and cognition skills"

Insight's 8 Learning Goals are based on four key developmental areas;

The foundation skills of functional vision that are essential for all visual learning.

The first core stages of cognitive development that are essential for all early learning.


The first interactive behaviours.
Essential for use with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

The core access skills that are required for the purposeful use of technology.

Learning Goal Objectives
Insight's Learning Goal objectives can be mapped to well respected and established assessment frameworks commonly used in special education.

Insight Learning Goals are presented in a developmental progression map, starting with basic reactions to stimuli and building up to purposeful and predictive control of the screen.

Each Learning Goal is broken down into small progressive levels of difficulty that enable individual students to learn skills at their own level and pace.

Teachers and therapists are free to choose which Learning Goal, level and type of activity they want their student to play. Alternatively, they can be guided by Insight's Intelligent Recommendations.

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