Monday 30 January 2017

Splat - NEW Accessible Game

Oh no! We've been invaded!

Follow and target the bugs, aliens, ghosts and funny fruit to splat them away.

Splat! is perfect for developing eye-hand coordination and tracking skills using a classic game that kids love to play. Splat! can be accessed via a touch screen, mouse, eye gaze and switch (or keyboard space bar).

HelpKidzLearn also provides computer access devices that work perfectly with our online services.

The HKL EasySwitch is an easy to use USB Switch interface and two wireless Bluetooth switches. It is easy to use and has no software to install.

myGaze Assistive is an affordable eye tracker that provides easy access for everyone to a wide range of software. Easy, calibration-free setup ensure a comfortable student experience.

Thursday 26 January 2017

Educational Apps for Numeracy, Literacy and Science

Educational Award Winning

The ChooseIt! Apps contain thousands of touch and switch accessible curriculum activities. Each App also includes simple performance reporting, so you can record student progress.

ChooseIt! Numeracy

ChooseIt! Numeracy contains over 230 activities with over 6,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
  • Foundation Stage: Shape, Space & Measure
  • Key Stage 1: Shape, Space & Measure
  • Early Number
  • Number 0-5
  • Number 5-10
  • Number 0-100
  • UK Money
  • Time

ChooseIt! Literacy

ChooseIt! Literacy contains over 250 activities with over 5,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
  • Listening Skills
  • Initial Sounds
  • Initial Letters
  • Initial Blends: Sounds
  • Initial Blends: Letters
  • Tricky High Frequency Words
  • Alphabet
  • Everyday Words

ChooseIt! Science

ChooseIt! Science contains over 160 activities with over 3,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:
  • Foundation Stage: Living Things
  • Key Stage 1: Living Things
  • Materials
  • Forces and Electricity
  • Light, Sound and Space

Teacher Reviews

A teacher's dream!!!

"Wow - they are brilliant for all ages and abilities and we use them throughout our 3-19 age range. Set out in a clear chronological way, they are simple to use and my pupils love the multiple choice activities and music reward at the end. What more can I say? After all these years in the job these are a teacher's dream!!!"  

Rosie Murphy, ICT Coordinator, Fairfield School

Fun, bright and motivating

"ChooseIt! Ready-mades are a fun, bright, motivating learning tool that are easy to use and suitable for all ages. A real time saver - all the activities you plan on making but never get round to doing - a must for all busy classrooms. These are a fantastic way of introducing children to essential literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare them for work in Key Stage 1"  

Anne Marshall, Villa Real School, Consett

More independence

"Huan has enjoyed more independence by using his computer skills to access Numeracy, Literacy and Science activities, which have reinforced his learning with colour, shape (2D and 3D) everyday objects in school and in the home, the environment and some of the class topics"  

Keryn Green, Advisory Teacher, Additional Educational Needs Service

Save 50% when buying multiple iPad Apps!

Through the new Volume Purchase Program from Apple Inc., HelpKidzLearn is pleased to be able to offer our customers special pricing when purchasing multiple iPad Apps! It's quick and easy to set up. Enrol today to receive this fantastic discounted offer! Once you have enrolled, simply purchase twenty or more of any iPad App and you will receive a 50% discount for your school or educational institution!

Monday 16 January 2017

Insight - A New Approach to the Assessment of Students with Complex Needs.

A New Approach to the Assessment of Students with Complex Needs.

To meet the individual needs of students with complex needs, Insight is based on the educational theory of Individualized Learning - providing strategies that aim to guarantee all students' mastery of the same learning objectives by adjusting the pace to the progression of the learner.
Insight includes 100's of unique and specially designed assessment and teaching activities.


To enable precise and repeated measurements of behaviours and skills Insight uses standardised frameworks, sizes, styles, colours, movements and sounds in all its activities.


To maximise engagement of students at all levels of learning, Insight uses carefully selected stimuli, a wide variety of content and game based design.

All Insight's learning goals provide activities with multiple and progressive levels of difficulty towards successful skill accomplishment.

With Insight, all students can work on the same core skills, but at a level, pace and with type of content that suits an individual's learning style.

Analysis & Performance

Provided immediately after each activity play to enable teachers to make quick informed judgements on student skills. Unique to Insight, performance scores are given as a precise percentage figure to reflect accuracy of measurement -facilitating detailed progress analysis and tracking.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Five Little Mice - Games and Activities

While the cat's away, the mice will play! But how many mice are there? Listen to the song and play activities that help teach counting skills from zero to five. Click a mouse, touch the screen, use eye gaze or press a switch (Spacebar) to play the song or count along a number line.

HelpKidzLearn's Games & Activities can be used with a variety of access methods including:

Switch Access

The HKL EasySwitch is an easy to use USB Switch Interface and two wireless switches. Read more and order your HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch today.

Eye Gaze

myGaze is an affordable eye tracker that provides easy access for everyone to a wide range of software. Read more and order your myGaze Eye Tracker today.