Monday, 16 January 2017

Insight - A New Approach to the Assessment of Students with Complex Needs.

A New Approach to the Assessment of Students with Complex Needs.

To meet the individual needs of students with complex needs, Insight is based on the educational theory of Individualized Learning - providing strategies that aim to guarantee all students' mastery of the same learning objectives by adjusting the pace to the progression of the learner.
Insight includes 100's of unique and specially designed assessment and teaching activities.


To enable precise and repeated measurements of behaviours and skills Insight uses standardised frameworks, sizes, styles, colours, movements and sounds in all its activities.


To maximise engagement of students at all levels of learning, Insight uses carefully selected stimuli, a wide variety of content and game based design.

All Insight's learning goals provide activities with multiple and progressive levels of difficulty towards successful skill accomplishment.

With Insight, all students can work on the same core skills, but at a level, pace and with type of content that suits an individual's learning style.

Analysis & Performance

Provided immediately after each activity play to enable teachers to make quick informed judgements on student skills. Unique to Insight, performance scores are given as a precise percentage figure to reflect accuracy of measurement -facilitating detailed progress analysis and tracking.

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