Monday 30 June 2014

ChooseIt! Maker 3: FREE Activities

You can now share your activities from ChooseIt! Maker 3. Here are some FREE Activity Share Codes for you to download now:
JDDVAG - Dinosaurs
XGPVTM - Minibeasts
FUTYQU - Modern Art
XJAPHY - Solar System

To use these activities, simply login, subscribe or download the CM3 App and redeem these free share codes

New ChooseIt! Maker 3 Updates and FREE ACTIVITIES

New ChooseIt! Maker 3 Updates and FREE ACTIVITIES

You will be pleased to hear that we have listened to your comments and feedback. We have now made some fantastic new updates within the Award Winning ChooseIt! Maker 3 including:

1. Share your ChooseIt! Maker 3 activities with colleagues, friends and loved ones.
CM3 subscribers can share their activities to:
• Other ChooseIt! Maker 3 online accounts
• Free CM3 iPad Apps
• Free CM3 Android Apps

2. Find your ChooseIt Maker 3 activities easier
by arranging them into individual folders. CM3 subscribers can create personlised folders:
• Unique name or identifying word
• Students favourite colour
• Pictures or Symbols for better recognition

3. CM3 is now that little bit safer for children to use unsupervised without accidentally deleting and modifying activities and folders.

4. You can now find your activities quickly by searching for keywords in the activities' titles
and descriptions.

Monday 16 June 2014

NEW ACTIVITY: Five Players World Cup!

GOAL! How many times can the Five Players score? Practice counting from zero to five.

Listen to the song or play activities that help reinforce counting from zero to five. Click a mouse, touch the screen, use eye gaze or press a switch (Spacebar) to play the song or count along a number line.

Access Options:
• Mouse
• Keyboard
• Touch screen
• Switch access
• Eye gaze
• Joy stick
• Roller ball
• Interactive classroom display

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Virtual Registrations Now Live!

ILT Conference 2014 Virtual Registrations Now Live!

Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2014.

Hosted by Spectronics in Australia 20-23 May, the ILT2014 Conference focused specifically on inclusive learning technologies. Those technologies designed to advance independent achievement for people with disabilities and/or students with learning difficulties.

ILT2014 included sessions covering technologies and their inclusion in support strategies for:
Struggling Students
Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Students with disabilities learning within Special Education classrooms
Students with Complex Communication Needs

HelpKidzLearn is offering you the chance to sign up for a virtual registration to the ILT2014 Conference that gives you access to the 27 most popular presentations at the ILT2014 Conference.

All 40 hours of ILT2014 Conference videos (from 27 different presentations) are NOW live online for you to view.

How do you sign up for a Virtual Registration if you don't have one already? Just visit the
ILT2014 page and create your account.

Monday 2 June 2014

HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze Bundle

The HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze bundle includes state-of-the art myGaze® Assistive Gaze technology by Visual Interaction and HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities from Inclusive Technology that provides fun, accessible learning for your students!

Buy the HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze bundle for less than £920/$1500!

What's Included?
myGaze Eye Tracker
A state of the art access device that tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control!

Works with nearly all mouse controlled software.
Works with all eye colours and lighting conditions.
Light, small & portable.
Use across all your Windows devices with 10"- 22" screens.
A product of 20 years of research and development.
HelpKidzLearn Games and Activities myGaze Eye Tracker
A fantastic way of assessing an individual's needs and offers a complete solution for the classroom. There is a great range of activities on the site from:

Cause and effect activities that allow individuals to have some control and make things happen themselves.
Experiential level to encourage pupils to look and listen and giving them time to respond to the activity.
Timing skills, wait for something to appear on screen before making a gaze selection to get a reward.

Who is it for?
HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze has been specially designed by Inclusive Technology to meet the needs of teachers, therapists and carers working with students with:

• Physical Difficulties
• Cerebral Palsy
• Visual Impairment
• Intellectual Disabilities
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Communication Difficulties

myGaze give student's the voice they rightly deserve.
"myGaze is an innovating device that allows students to access the outside world in a way that they have not been able to do in the past and give them the voice they rightly deserve (the right to communicate). myGaze is being used in several ways in our school. From cause and effect activities to more complex activities such as creating slide shows, helping students to learn to read, spelling, following instructions and giving instructions to sending emails. myGaze has given students opportunity to navigate around a computer system with confidence and understanding. The device has been able to give us a valuable assessment tool to help benefit the students we are working with and allow us to keep a record of their development."

Jennette Holden, AA Support
Pendle View Primary School
5 Stars!

Order the HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze bundle today and bring the benefits of eye gaze to more of your students!