Monday 31 July 2017

Over 5,000,000 Activities Played.

HelpKidzLearn is celebrating 5,000,000 game plays! What an achievement. We're grateful to all our students (and teachers) who have played, shared and enjoyed the Games & Activities. Thank you!

A Cause and Effect activity that contains six high contrast pattern animations to help develop visual skills.

A fun game designed to encourage and develop hand-eye coordination and switch timing skills.

How many trains are on the track?A popular counting song which reinforces early number skills.

Count down from five to zero as the frogs jump off the log. Sing along to the catchy tune.

The naughty monkeys are jumping on the bed. Students love this simple, engaging counting down song. 

These top five activities are also available to download on your iPad or Android Tablet to play offline.

Monday 17 July 2017

NEW Accessible Game - Chopper Rescue.

Help the helicopter and its crew save lives. Rescue six people and animals stuck in precarious situations. Be careful - watch out for high waters and blizzards!

Click the mouse, touch the screen or press a switch (or space bar) at the right time to save the people and animals. This activity develops timing skills.

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HelpKidzLearn also provides computer access devices that work perfectly with our online services.

The HKL EasySwitch is a USB Switch interface and two wireless Bluetooth switches. It is easy to use and has no software to install.

Play on your tablet device

You can also purchase the Chopper Rescue App and play it on the go with your iPad or Android device.