Monday, 17 October 2016

Insight - Engaging, Stimulating & Meaningful Learning

Without engagement there is no meaningful learning. This is particularly true for student's with complex learning needs. Students respond to different stimuli according to their individual preferences. What is engaging for some students, may not be engaging for others.
Insight not only provides a standardised assessment framework to enable precise and repeated measurement of skills but also contains a HUGE variety of content to meet individual preferences and learning styles.

Stimuli have been carefully selected and designed to appeal specifically to young children, those with complex learning needs and students with significant visual impairments.

Clear, bold graphics, attention-seeking animations and sound effects in a variety of styles and themes allow students to demonstrate their skills with a range of different stimuli.

Performance scores for different content can also give teachers and therapists a greater insight into what motivates and engages their students.

To maximise performance and keep attention sustained, all activities are deliberately designed to be quick and fun to play - with just the right amount of challenge to encourage development of skills whilst rewarding enough to keep your student wanting more.

Try now for FREE and see if your students prefer bold black and white patterns, noisy vehicles or dancing dinosaurs!

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