Tuesday, 10 October 2017

NEW Activity: World Cup Soccer.

Can the striker score a goal in the World Cup in this simple timing activity? Click the mouse, touch the screen or press an external switch (space bar) when the striker is in front of the goal. Score five goals to get a reward.

This accessible and inclusive game has been designed to encourage and develop hand-eye coordination and timing skills. Auditory prompts, a clear background and bright objects make this an ideal game for children with visual and perceptual difficulties. This activity also has varying levels of difficulty. Choose the easy level and the player will wait for you to kick!

If you want to learn more about HelpKidzLearn's Games and Activities and want to play World Cup Soccer click the Read More button below.

HelpKidzLearn also provides computer access devices that work perfectly with our online services.

The HKL EasySwitch is a USB Switch interface and two wireless Bluetooth switches. It is easy to use and has no software to install.

World Cup Soccer is available to download and play offline on your iPad or Android device.

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