Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Insight - Assess and Develop your Students' Visual Learning Skills.

Insight helps engage, assess and develop students' visual learning skills through eight specifically designed Learning Goals. Focusing on key milestones in early learning, they follow a developmental progression that can be used flexibly as an assessment tool, or sequentially for progressive learning.

Perhaps the most important Learning Goal. Vision, over all other senses, accounts for most of our learning. To get any meaning from vision we first have to attend to it.

Looks closely at how aware students are of different images appearing in their visual field and how they direct their gaze to them. Introduces easy interaction and fun game play.

Develops fixating skills, helping students to gain more meaning from what they look at and to use their eyes to interact with intent, express preferences, participate and play.

Provides plenty of content to help develop important skills used in almost all daily activities; including gross motor and play activities plus reading, writing and drawing.

Presents engaging stimuli with a repetitive pause pattern to encourage students to anticipate and respond for more. Can be used to inform early cognitive assessment.

Helps to develop students' skills so they can start making meaningful choices from multiple options, opening up opportunities to communicate.

Students can learn to shift their gaze, fixate on more than one image and use back and forth looking behaviours. It involves investigating and developing students' purposeful actions.

Aims to investigate and develop the student's ability to use early planning, prediction and problem solving skills.

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