Friday, 15 May 2015

ChooseIt! Maker 3 - EyeGaze

Award winning CM3 teams up with myGaze Assistive, the world’s first affordable, easy to use eye tracker to provide a great resource for eye gaze students wanting; 
• To develop targeting and dwell select skills 
• To develop choice making skills 
• Customisable content to meet specific needs and interests.

Your myGaze Assistive system can also be used with lots of other eye gaze software titles PLUS standard Windows software you would normally access with a mouse. You can use myGaze to move the mouse cursor around the screen with your eyes, dwell, blink or press a switch to select an area on screen, with single and double click functions. You can also select and drag the mouse cursor and easily access menus and configurations with on or off screen access buttons. With extensive calibration and interaction settings to meet the majority of users’ needs and a user friendly interface make this a popular option.

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