Monday, 6 October 2014

myGaze EyeTracker with EyeMouse Play for Eye Gaze

myGaze® Assistive Eye Tracker and EyeMouse Play;

• myGaze® Assistive Eye Tracker by Visual Interaction. A state of the art access device that tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control!

• EyeMouse Play Software: The world’s first easy eye gaze interface - for those new to eye gaze and for use with all levels of ability. Launch one application and follow the simple 3 step guide to set up in seconds.

The myGaze eye tracker is small, unobtrusive and easy to mount to all screens.  The illuminators are dim and non-flickering.  This means that students do not notice the device and it is not a distractor from the learning environment of the screen.

myGaze with eyeMouse Play is the first eye tracker to be specifically designed to be easy and intuitive to use, requiring little or no training even for those new to eye gaze.  It has been specifically designed to engage users with a range of abilities and preferences.  The “glasses” positioning guide shows a full screen image of the user’s eyes and their movements – this naturally engages young and developmentally young users to look at the screen appropriately for positioning.

A simple and almost instant calibration process of either just looking at the screen or a single image is engaging for students at all levels of attention and learning whilst gaining essential data to give great functional accuracy.  There are also a number of useful calibration options to allow for personalisation e.g. change colours, shapes or use your own image plus allowance for monocular tracking for students with specific vision difficulties.

It includes unique “supported user” and “independent user” modes.

It is the first driver interface designed not to be tied to specialist software and includes a unique “AAC Access” feature to give the user easy automatic access to grid based programs.

Keyboard shortcuts allow teaching staff to make adjustments to settings without quitting activity software, reducing distractions and helping maintain engagement.

As the eye tracker emulates mouse function this means that it can be used with any mouse driven software, users do not need to just use specialist software but can access a wealth of appropriate programs to keep them engaged.

myGaze® Assistive Eye Tracker has been designed to be robust and very affordable to meet the needs of the special needs classroom and for individuals wanting to use eye gaze for simple Windows access.

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