Thursday, 13 October 2016

Insight – Intelligent Analysis

“Imagine being able to accurately assess your student’s skills and track their progress”

Insight provides intelligent detailed reports on your student’s performance after each activity play.

Accurate and objective learning goal scores give instant feedback on skill levels.

More detailed analysis provides valuable information on ability levels, specific behaviour measures.

Plus responses to individual stimuli.

Insight will also help interpret scores with Performance Descriptions.

And Notifications when needed.

To guide teachers and therapists’ evaluation, Insight provides intelligent recommendations suggesting appropriate next steps.

With many more reporting features coming soon including;

Overall Performance Tracking – compare skills in different Learning Goals.

Historical Performance Tracking – compare skills over time.

FREE Insight App – get real-time feedback and full reporting on your smart phone or tablet.

Insight: A revolution in assessment for students with complex needs.

Try it for free for a limited time only…

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